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Qualified Counsellor Offering Counselling & Psychotherapy for Fareham, Southampton, Portsmouth & Surrounding Areas

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I am a qualified psychotherapeutic counsellor, providing professional counselling and psychotherapy to individuals and couples aged 18 and over.

I run my private practice from a comfortable and professional setting in Fareham, Hampshire.


I am a qualified counsellor based in Fareham offering Counselling and Psychotherapy for individuals and couples in Southampton, Portsmouth and Surrounding Areas. There are many reasons why a person seeks therapy. We all experience times in our lives when we struggle and feel unable to cope. Difficult feelings such as unhappiness, loss, anxiety, anger, shame, guilt and low self-esteem can overwhelm us but it can be a daunting - and uncomfortable - prospect to ask a counsellor for help. Whether it be stress, anger, depression, addiction, loneliness, relationship issues or bereavement that you are experiencing, these feelings often need to be faced, worked through and understood before you can move forward. The 'Ostrich Syndrome' of sticking one’s head in the sand - thinking that by not acknowledging what needs to be dealt with will automatically cause it to disappear - is counterproductive; the issues are likely to fester and grow bigger. The first step to resolving problems is to acknowledge that there is a problem, because denying their existence will delay the rectification. It's normal to be apprehensive, but a good counsellor will put you at ease so that, even if it's difficult to tell your story, somehow you will feel better and more hopeful for having told it—perhaps even a little bit lighter than when you first walked into the room. Counselling provides the opportunity to explore and work through problems with an understanding, trained professional. Together, we would work to understand present patterns of thinking and behaving to identify those which may be unhelpful and how they originated. Counselling can help you to feel less overwhelmed by your situation and feelings, leading to an increased freedom of thought and action, all of which helps in achieving an increased sense of well-being, purpose and direction in your life, to enable you to live life more fully.

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As a counsellor based in Fareham, I provide professional counselling and psychotherapy to individuals and couples aged 18 and over. I run my private practice from a comfortable and professional setting in the centre of Fareham. My experience also includes working within the NHS IAPT service, as well as counselling at two separate community counselling agencies in Hampshire, one of which employs me as a Personal Tutor to the trainee counsellors embarking on the diploma training course, accredited by The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).


“Overcoming difficulties leads to courage, self-respect, and knowing yourself.”

Alfred Adler



The Psychodynamic model of counselling underpins all of my work; established and proven, it focuses on problem resolution and developing personal insight. Outside of my professional qualifications, my ongoing education is vital in order to remain relevant and focused in my work with my clients. I undertake and record continuing professional development (CPD) in line with the BACP's requirements, examples of which include the following:

The Wounded Healer During Covid-19
Trauma and The Body
The Dissociated Self and Autism
Looking At Anxiety
Attachment In The Digital Era
Perfectionism In People With Eating Disorders
Sexual And Gender Identity
Working With Anger
Trauma Focussed Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Impact Of Anxious Attachment From The Cradle To The Grave
Anxiety – The Good, The Bad and the Approach To Treatment
Understanding Your Eating
Safeguarding In Adults
Safeguarding in Children

If you are looking for a Counsellor in Fareham offering Counselling and Psychotherapy near Southampton, Portsmouth and surrounding areas, you are very welcome to contact me either by telephone or email to discuss your situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the right therapy to suit my needs?
Often more than one type of therapy may be beneficial for a client, so don’t worry about trying to choose the perfect therapy for you; we’ll discuss your options at your initial consultation and suggest a treatment plan tailored to your needs and wishes.

How long will I have to wait to see you for my initial consultation?
I can usually book you in for an initial appointment within a week, depending on your level of flexibility.

What will happen during the initial consultation?
Your initial consultation gives us the opportunity to discuss your current situation and the issues that have led you to seek help. It can feel intimidating and uncomfortable at first but this is very common and you may feel surprised at how quickly you start to feel more at ease.

What will I talk about with my counsellor?
As your counsellor, I’m not there to tell you what to talk about – I will, however, help you to work out what it is that you’d like to focus on. There’s no pressure and it’s important to take things at your own pace. There will be silences in the sessions where you feel you may ‘clam up’ and don’t know what to say but please be reassured that this is part of the work. The silences give important space for us to think and reflect, then the conversation will begin again naturally. You might find that memories of your childhood and early relationships come up in conversation, as well as your friends and family. You might discuss your thoughts and emotions, your behaviour and things that you find difficult, or there may be a specific issue you want to focus on, such as anxiety or bereavement.

Counselling can be hard sometimes; you’ll be talking through issues you find difficult and this can bring lots of emotions to the surface. Try to be patient and know that it’s OK if you struggle – the process takes time and it’s normal to find it challenging. It’s important to remember that not every session will feel as helpful as others but that’s common; I’m trained to help you reach the goals that we set and will help you move in the right direction.

Is it normal to feel nervous?
Feeling nervous about beginning counselling is normal and if you’ve never spoken to a counsellor before, the idea might seem strange, embarrassing and uncomfortable. Try to remember that speaking to a counsellor can really help you to work through difficult issues, as well as giving you the tools to understand yourself better and cope with future issues that you may be faced with after therapy has ended.

Is what I say confidential and will anything be put on my medical records?
Everything you tell me in your sessions is confidential except in a few extreme risk situations, which I would speak to you about in the initial consultation. However, other than this, all material disclosed is confidential and will not be entered onto your medical records.

Is my problem bad enough for me to see you?
However big or small you think your problem may be, if it is causing you distress, then you are completely validated in seeking help. I’m here to offer that help.


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